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About the NZ Cold Storage Association

Working on your behalf...

The New Zealand Cold Storage Association Incorporated represents the major players and smaller shareholders in the cool and cold storage industry.

NZCSA also has a large associate membership base which includes the many companies servicing the needs of its members.

Coldstore Engineering in New Zealand
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Submission to MBIE

Ensuring effective regulation of health and safety risks associated with toxic or flammable refrigerant gases.



The activities of NZCSA reflect the concerns of its membership, namely, the regulatory requirements placed on respective operations as well as specific issues such as energy, insurance and industry training.

The association actively seeks involvement and regularly contributes input into all the important regulatory bodies that oversee our industries.


To anyone involved in the cold storage industry, Energy is the very lifeblood of a successful operation. The effect of fluctuations in both energy supply and costs can be to say the least traumatic.

NZCSA are constantly seeking information on ways and means of better managing the use of energy and have already been involved in making submissions to Central Government on these matters.

NZCSA has for some time, been aware of the attitude of insurance companies towards covering buildings which are constructed from sandwich panel.

There is a strong feeling among insurers that these buildings represent a major fire risk, this attitude having resulted in substantial increases in the cost of cover, or in some cases a refusal to insure.

NZCSA has canvassed members seeking information, which has been included in a letter which has been sent to a number of insurance brokers inviting submissions on the possible development of an industry based insurance project.

We believe that this project has the potential to afford considerable savings for our members.


Our History

The New Zealand Cold Storage Association Incorporated was formed in 1932 by a group of cold store operators mainly from the then port company administered cold stores who identified the need to discuss matters of common concern particularly those relating to the storage handling and ultimate shipment of dairy produce.

The ensuing years have seen a substantial increase in both our numbers and the scope of our membership which now not only covers those who are directly involved with the Dairy Industry but also those who handle store transport or ship any products which require temperature controlled storage or conditioning including meat, fish, fruit and vegetables and a wide range of products originating from these and other sources.

If you are interested in finding out more about membership of NZCSA go to the Membership page.

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