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Strategic Plan


1. Mission Statement
2. Goals
3. Objectives
4. S.W.O.T. Analysis

a. Strengths
b. Weaknesses
c. Opportunities
d. Treats

5. Action Plan



To be an organisation that effectively provides a forum for the advancement and prosperity of members and associates in the New Zealand Cold Storage industry.

1. To increase the attendance of members to the Annual Conference.
2. To increase feedback from members on the activities of the Association, in particular the Annual Conference.
3. To establish Association goals and objectives that have widespread support from membership.
4. To provide an interesting and informative newsletter. Executive and all members will be encouraged to submit articles
5. To provide relevant and effective advocacy with the Government and statutory organisations that set standards and monitor the individual performance of members businesses.
6. To increase existing membership and associate membership by 10% over the next financial year
7. To increase the profile and industry awareness of the NZCSA and the role it plays in the New Zealand Cold Storage Industry
8. To measure activity / results and report back to the Executive



Goal 1 Conference Attendance

1.1. Find out why some members do not attend the Annual Conference and
what would make it more attractive to them to attend.
1.2. As a result of 1.1 above carry out a review of the format and content of the Annual Conference to consider changes that may be needed to make it more appealing to members, without diminishing its appeal to members who regularly attend.
1.3. Provide interesting and stimulating presenters that have the potential to give members and attendees tangible benefits to themselves and their cold storage businesses.
1.4. To provide a forum where associate members can interact with members and market their products, equipment and services.
1.5. To increase the number of members from individual sites by offering topics / workshops that are highly relevant and useful for a wider grouping of staff

Goal 2 Membership Feedback

2.1. Contact every member individually to seek their views on what they want from the Association.
2.2. Encourage member’s involvement in achieving the Associations objectives.
2.3. To improve direct individual dialogue with each member of the Assn.

Goal 3 Association Goals and Objectives
3.1. Seek the participation and support in the development of an effective Strategic Plan.
3.2. Prepare a Strategic Plan for the Association for approval and adoption at the 2012 Annual Conference.

Goal 4 Newsletter

4.1. Continue with the “Cold Facts” newsletter in the new updated format.
4.2. Add any additional content to the newsletter that may arise from consultation with membership or associates.
4.3. Increase the number of issues from 4 to 6 per year


Goal 5 Industry Advocacy

5.1. Establish a regular interaction with MAF.
5.2. To provide advocacy for the Cold Storage Industry with government agencies and statutory organisations that govern and control our industry and convey relevant feedback on these activities to members.
5.3. Regular reporting of industry outcomes and potential changes that impact our members.

Goal 6 Membership Growth

6.1. Encourage existing members to supply contact details of non members who could / should be considering membership for EOs follow up
6.2. Upgrade the existing web site to reflect a more modern view in keeping with the new look Cold Facts newsletter


Strengths (of the Association)

1. Membership is voluntary so members join because they see a potential benefit in membership.
2. The Association has been around for over 80 years and is continually evolving to meet the changing requirements of members The Association is financially sound and can commit funding to Annual Conferences in advance of receiving registrations.
3. The Association has a close relationship with Fonterra, the biggest manufacturer of refrigerated food products in NZ. In recent years there has always been someone from Fonterra on the Executive.
4. Members operate their businesses in locations throughout NZ and have historically been willing to put aside their individual competitive interests and contribute to objectives that are for the common good of other members.
5. Government agencies have accepted the Association as representing the views of the cold storage industry.
6. A number of long serving Associate Members have continued to support the Association in spite of economic downturns.
7. The annual conference gives all members an opportunity to network and share ideas.

Weaknesses (of the Association)

1. Some members do not see attendance at the Annual Conference as cost effective if it is not held close to their business.
2. Over recent years there has been significant amalgamation of cold storage businesses so the membership base has reduced.
3. Because of the geographic spread of Executive members it is expensive to fly members to a central location for meetings so fewer Executive meetings are held than would be desirable.

Opportunities (In the wider environment not currently being exploited)

1. The Association could consider running or facilitating workshops on specific topics of interest to members either in conjunction with the Annual Conference or at other times of the year.
2. The Association could consider running a combined conference with another associated organisation.
3. A Bursary programme for industry members
4. A Young Professional industry incentive scheme
5. Be seen as the association that needs to be contacted on all matters pertaining to the Cold Storage industry

Threats (From the wider environment not currently impacting on the Association)

1. Difficult economic conditions could cause members to discontinue their
2. Government regulation/law changes could make membership unattractive.
3. Members could decide to leave and join another similar organisation.

If you are interested in finding out more about membership of NZCSA go to the Membership page.

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