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Icepak Ltd Auckland

10 Transport Pl, East Tamaki, Auckland

PO Box 58747, Greenmount 1730

Icepak Ltd Auckland

09 953 5309

Mike VanStaden, National Operations Manager

029 770 6874

More Info:

Integrated Distribution Services

Ambient, Chilled and Frozen Storage

Retail carton order picks and distribution

Transitional Facility for container import/export

Risk Management Programme (RMP) registered

Ambient transport integration

Excellent location 

Storage of FMCG, Bulk high volume finished goods

NZFSA Registered RMP ID: S2032

US Listing

EU Listing

Transitional Facility 13093

Storage Capacity (tonnes) 1 tonne = 1 pallet

Chilled Storage: 5500

Frozen Storage: 7000

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