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Provincial Coldstores Ltd - Blenheim

239 Old Renwick Rd, Blenheim

PO Box 153, Blenheim7240

Provincial Coldstores Ltd - Blenheim

03 578 2648

Donald Horton, General Manager
Shaun Neal, Operations Manager

More Info:

Storage of meat, fish, dairy products

Blast freezing at 70 Tonnes per day 
Registered  NZMPI RMP ID: S158

US Listed

EU Listed
China Listed
Transitional facility
Customs & Excise approved:
New Zealand Customs: Secure Export Scheme
Storage Capacity (tonnes) 1 tonne = 1 pallet

Chilled/Frozen Storage: 14,000

Temp. Range: +10°C to -25°C
Rail Siding: No
Days Worked: 5 with weekend by arrangement

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