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Woodland Management Ltd

106-112 Hull Rd, Mount Maunganui


Woodland Management Ltd

Dion Abrahams, Managing Director

07 575 3233 (ext 1)

027 235 3437

More Info:

Storage for dairy products

MPI Registered Dairy RMP ID’s: R324, R325, R326

Unique Location Identifiers: S2084, S4650, S36, S2085, S2104, S4620, S4630, S2083

EU listing

CU Listing

US listing

Customs Approved SES scheme

Storage Capacity (tonnes) 1 tonne = 1 pallet

Network Storage Capacity of approx. 54,000 tonne

Frozen, Chilled and Dry Storage

Temp. Range: +20°C to -20°C

Rail Siding: No

Days Worked: 6

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